Terms of use

I. General terms

1. Using the Quizonic.com website (the Website) by any person (the User) is only possible with the acceptance of the present Terms of use and the Privacy Policy available on the Website. Users who will not accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Polisy for any reason cannot use the Website and cannot make any claims towards it.

2. The User agrees to follow the rules of the Polish law. The Website is not responsible for the content and the form in which it is used. The responsibility for using the Website and for all their actions taken within the Website belongs to the User.

3. The Website remains ideologically, politically and religiously neutral and it cannot be identified with the content created by its Users.

4. The owner of the Website delivers the Website as is, with no guarantees or obligations. The User uses the Website with their full responsibility and will never make any claims related to using the Website.

II. Using the Website

1. The Website has the right to edit, modify and remove content created by Users and to use it in any form.

2. The User cannot copy or reproduce content from the Website.

3. Users must be at least 13 years old.

4. While using the Website, the User holds responsibility for their actions and they cannot:

a) place information or content that is against the law or accepted customs, information or content that is vulgar, offensive and erotic and information and content that offends other people's religious views
b) place personal data
c) place harmful content that might disrupt the stability of the Website and other websites
d) mislead others on purpose
e) place harmful content that might disrupt the operating of other people's computers
f) violate patent laws, copyrights, trade secrets and other ownership rights

5. Quizzes that violate any of the terms will be immediately removed.

6. The Website might block a User with no prior warning and the User cannot make any claims against this action.

7. The Website has the right to disclose personal data if the law requires the Website to make this data available to authorised persons.

III. Copyright

1. By creating a quiz on the Website, a User claims that they possess and cede all the necessary copyright related to the quiz (including all the elements of the quiz such as images) to the Website and its partners.

2. It is forbidden to copy, use or distribute quizzes or any of their elements (such as images) without a written permission from the Website owners.

3. Every image is labelled with an information about its source and the Website does its best to eliminate copyrighted images.

Reporting copyright abuse
We do our best to make sure the content placed on our Website (texts and images) does not violate third parties' copyright. If you believe that you own the copyright to a content element (or you know the institution or person who owns the copyright) that was used on the Website, please report the situation using the Contact panel. Please provide:
  • full data of the institution or the person who owns copyright to the content in question
  • a link to the site where the content can be found
The content will be removed as soon as we verify the report.

IV. Processing data

1. In the case of private quizzes, the Website offers the possibility to collect data from Users solving the quizzes. The person who created such a quiz is the administrator of the data and they are obliged to observe all the responsibilities related to the GDPR directive.

V. Guarantee

1. The owner of the Website delivers the Website as is, with no guarantees or obligations.

V. Timeline of the Terms of use

1. The present Terms of use come into force with the moment of publication on the present website.

2. The present Terms of use will cease to be in force when they are replaced by updated ones.

3. The newest and updated Terms are always available on the website, at Quizonic.com Terms Of Use.