Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions

1. The use of the Quizonic.com service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) by any person (hereinafter referred to as the User) is only possible upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy available on the Service. Users who do not accept these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy for any reason cannot use the Service or make any demands from it.

2. The User agrees to comply with Polish and any other law applicable to them. The Service is not responsible for the content, form, and manner of use of the Service. The User is responsible for their use of the Service and all their actions taken within the Service.

3. The Service remains ideologically and religiously neutral and does not identify with the content added by its Users.

4. The owner of the service provides the Service as is, without any warranties or obligations. The User uses the Service at their own risk and will never make any claims related to the use of the Service.

II. Use of the Service

1. The Service has the right to edit, modify, and delete content created by the User and use it in any form.

2. The User may not copy or reproduce data posted on the Service.

3. The Service can be used by persons over the age of 13.

4. By using the service, the User is fully responsible for their actions and in particular cannot:

a) post information or content that is illegal, against good manners, vulgar, erotic, or offensive to religious feelings,
b) post personal or tele-address data
c) post harmful content that may affect the stability of the Service or other websites
d) knowingly mislead
e) post harmful content that negatively affects the operation of third-party computers
f) infringe patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, and other property rights

5. Quizzes violating any point of the terms and conditions will be immediately removed.

6. The Service may block a user's ability to use the Service without warning, and the User cannot make any claims for this reason.

7. The Service reserves the right to share User data if the obligation to provide it to authorized persons arises from applicable law.

III. Copyrights

1. The User, by creating a quiz or a game using the Service, declares that they possess and transfer the necessary copyrights to the created quiz or game (including all its contents and elements such as images) to the Service.

2. Copying, using, or distributing quizzes or any of their elements (e.g., images) without written permission from the Service owners is prohibited.

3. Each image is accompanied by information about its origin, and the service makes every effort to eliminate images protected by copyright.

Reporting Copyright Infringements
We make every effort to ensure that the contents (texts and images) placed do not violate the copyright of third parties. If you believe that you have copyright to any of the content (or know of an institution that does) used in the Service, please report it through the contact section. The report should include:
  • full details of the institution or person owning the copyright to the content
  • link to the service page where the content is placed
After verifying the report, such content will be immediately removed.

IV. Data Processing

1. In the case of private quizzes or games, the Service provides the possibility of collecting data from people solving the quiz or playing the game. The administrator of this data is the person creating the quiz and all legal obligations resulting from this fall on them, including obligations arising from the GDPR regulations.

V. Guarantee

1. The owner of the Service provides the Service as is, without any warranties or obligations.

V. Duration of the Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions come into effect upon publication on this website.

2. These Terms and Conditions will cease to apply upon the publication of a new set of Terms and Conditions by the Service.

3. The current Terms and Conditions are always available on the Service at Quizonic.com Terms and Conditions.