Tile Sort - Focus training game - Better than your morning coffee! #26

Are you up for a challenge? Can you piece together the picture from scattered elements?

Improve your focus skills and exercise your brain with Tile Sort - a modern puzzle game!

Tile Sort game instructions
Goal of the game

The objective is to assemble a full picture by correctly positioning the tiles. The game may include a time limit, but this varies.


Gra rozpoczyna się od zaprezentowania obrazka, z którego ułożeniem będzie musiał zmierzyć się użytkownik. Po kilku sekundach kafelki tworzące obrazek zostaną przemieszane.

Your task is to move the tiles, which contain fragments of the image, to their correct positions by swapping them with other tiles. A tile that is correctly placed will meld into the picture, confirmed by a success sound. If a tile is moved to an incorrect position, it will change its location.

Continue rearranging the tiles until you successfully assemble the entire picture.

End of the game

The game concludes once you have successfully assembled the full picture.

  • The game is adapted for both computers and mobile phones. We especially recommend trying it on a smartphone.
  • Start by identifying and placing the tiles adjacent to the edges of the image.
  • Remember, images may be more intricate than they initially seem. Don't be discouraged if you don't instantly match all the tiles.
  • Stay relaxed and focused. We hope Tile Sort provides many hours of enjoyment and aids in developing your logical thinking skills! 😊