How good are you at interpreting nonverbal cues?

They are sad.

They are in a hurry.

They are pensive.

They are trying to hide impatience.

When the person you’re talking to is rubbing the corner of his or her eye it means that they:

Doubt your truthfulness.

Want to avoid answering your question.

Are in a hurry and would like to go now.

Are worried.

When your interlocutor pays close attention to your every move it means that:

They really want you to understand their feelings.

They are bored to death.

They feel threatened.

They are stressed out.

They invite you to flirt with them.

They feel hurt.

They show how self-confident they are.

They want to create a distance and separate themselves from you.

When your interlocutor picks up a random item from the table and starts looking at it intensively it means that:

They are trying to suppress fury.

They don’t feel comfortable and they are trying to hide it.

They are bored.

They are just playing, there’s no hidden meaning.

Enjoys the conversation a lot.

Is trying to impress you.

Is excited.

Shows off his or her self-confidence.

They don’t like you.

They are very self-confident and know they are right.

They are nervous.

They are trying to intimidate you.

If the person you’re talking to crosses his or her arms at their chest it means that:

They are defensive and try to distance themselves from you.

They are tired of the conversation

They are critical about your behaviour.

They have a lot to say about the topic that’s being discussed.



Ashamed and uneasy


When your interlocutor closes his or her hands into fists it means that:

They are neutral.

They want a compromise, it’s a sign that they want to make an agreement.

They have a positive attitude towards you.

They are getting angry, you’d better be careful.