⚽ Kaleidoscope - Can you find sets of 3 identical images? #5

Kaleidoscope is a game of finding triplets of identical images on the board.

It may sound easy, but this game will test your focus, alertness, and precision – there's little room for error...
And then there's the ticking clock ⏰ - you have only 5 minutes to complete the task.

The theme of this board is sports ⚽.

Ready for a quick and enjoyable mental warm-up? Let's get started!

Kaleidoscope game instructions
Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to find a specified number of sets of three identical icons. You typically have a certain amount of time to complete this task.


The game is played on a board filled with various icons. When you click on an icon, it moves to the bar at the top of the board, which has space for a maximum of 4 icons. If three identical icons align in the top bar, they vanish from the bar, freeing up space for more icons. The game ends if the top bar holds icons that no longer have the possibility of forming a valid set of three.

At the start of the game, not all tiles are visible. More tiles will appear, filling the spaces left by the images you've clicked and moved to the top bar. The counter indicates how many more sets of three you need to create in the given game.

End of the game

You win if all the icons on the board have been combined into threes before the allotted time expires.
You lose if the top bar runs out of space, it's impossible to make any more sets of three, or if time runs out.

  • The game is adapted for both computers and mobile phones. We especially recommend trying it on a smartphone.
  • If the game hasn't ended on its own, it means there's still a viable move. You just have to find it.
  • Take your time, but be careful not to exceed the time limit.
  • Kaleidoscope is designed to be a relaxing and de-stressing game. Try to enjoy playing. Remember, you can always try again! 😊