❄️ Winter Dash - The perfect game for long evenings! #13

Winter Dash is the perfect game for long winter nights and evenings ❄️❄️❄️

Don't be fooled by its enchanting setting - Winter Dash is a game that will challenge your observation skills, logical thinking, and speed!

Soon, you will see a board filled with winter images. Your task is to match sets of 3 identical pictures until the board is completely cleared.
But stay alert, as some frosty surprises might be waiting for you! Also, keep an eye on the clock ⏰

Grab yourself a warm drink ☕, get cozy, and... let the game begin! ☃️🎄🐻

Triple Dash game instructions
Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to clear the board by forming a specified number of sets of three identical icons. Each set of three must be identified within a certain time limit.


The game is played on a board filled with various icons. A box at the top of the screen indicates the required number of sets of three needed to complete the game.

When you click on an image, it moves to the bar at the top of the board, which can hold a maximum of 5 images. If three identical images align in a row, they vanish from the bar, freeing up space for more images. The game ends if the top bar fills up with 5 images without forming any sets of three.

Icons may be layered on the board, meaning not all sets of three are visible initially. Clicking on an image reveals another image underneath. New icons continue to appear until it's possible to create the indicated number of sets of three. There may also be "frozen" fields on the board. Clicking on images adjacent to these "frozen" fields unlocks them.

You must find each set of three identical images within a time limit. There are 3 clock icons at the top of the board, representing your 3 chances. Failing to find a set of three within the time limit results in the loss of a clock icon. The game ends if you run out of time three times without successfully identifying a set of three.

End of the game

You win if you manage to form the designated number of sets of three while retaining at least one time chance.
You lose if the top bar runs out of space or if the time runs out.

  • Observe the entire board and try to remember the icons you discovered but didn't immediately match. This strategy helps you find sets of three more quickly in subsequent moves.
  • Before clicking on an image, ensure there are three identical images visible on the board.
  • If images are "frozen," try clicking on the images next to the "frozen" fields to unlock them for play.