Cascade - Can you complete all challenges before you run out of moves? #33

Cascade game instructions
Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to complete the designated tasks, displayed in the top bar of the board, without exceeding the allotted number of moves.


The game is played on a board filled with tiles showcasing various icons. When you click on an icon, it disappears. If there are identical icons adjacent to the clicked icon, they all vanish. The objectives vary depending on the board and level, and may include:

  • Collecting a specific number of certain blocks - e.g., ten yellow squares. This requires connecting and collecting at least three of the same blocks.
  • Collecting a specified number of blocks of the same type - e.g., four groups of 5-piece block sets.
  • Unlocking frozen fields, which happens when you click on a block of the same type adjacent to a frozen tile. For example, to unfreeze a green square, click on another, unfrozen green square next to it.

When blocks disappear, others in the same column fall, and new blocks fill the upper part of the board. A counter displays the remaining moves to complete the tasks.

End of the game

You win if you complete all tasks within the designated number of moves.
You lose if you run out of moves before completing all tasks.

  • This game is not timed, so take your time and enjoy! 😊
  • The game is adapted for both computers and mobile phones. We especially recommend trying it on a smartphone.