Hi, I'm Anna and I'm psychology student from New York.
I've been interested in human personality and behaviour as long as I can remember. I also love taking and creating quizzes - this is so much fun! :)
I hope you enjoy my quizzes. Please leave me feedback in comments :)

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Which movie serial killer are you?

Each one of this movie serial killers has an unique style. Find out which one do you resemble most!

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Can you recognize these cars?

Are you interested in motorization? Let's find out how good you really are!

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Can You Recognize European Countries By Their Shape?

An uneasy task lays ahead of you - we are going to test your knowledge of the European map. Can you recognize every country only by watching at its shape?

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What Does Your Hand Reveal About You?

Every hand is unique. Can we guess what does your hand reveal about your personality?

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Are You Able To Solve A Murder Case?

You've got a good intuition? You consider yourself smart and think that you would make a fine detective? Let's find out!

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When Will You Get Married?

Wondering how old you will be when you finally meet your beloved one and get married? Find out!

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How Well Do You Know Michael Jackson's Music Videos?

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop! Let's see if you'll be able to guess all his songs based on videos!

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What Color Is Your Aura?

The energy flowing through your body reflects your personality, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions. Aura indicates a state of your mind, body and soul. This quiz will tell you what color your aura is and what it means to you!

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What Does Your Date Of Birth Say About You?

Our personality is shaped from the first moments we're on the planet. Check what your date of birth says about you!

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Inkblot Test - Find Out Who You Really Are!

In Rorschach Inkblot Test there are ten official inkblots. Based on the responses it is possible to determine person's personality characteristics, emotional functioning, as well as detect underlying thought disorder. Don't read the possible answers before thinking first about the card. Trust your initial thoughts. Remember: This test is for fun only, it's not a diagnostic tool.

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