Easy to create and adjust

You can have as many questions and as many answers as you like. You can also assign points to your answers. It gives you a variety of endless possibilities.


Quizonic is based on a responsive theme to make user experience great on every device. It is fully scalable and works perfectly on mobile phones, tablets, surfaces and all other devices. Just try it out ;).

Privacy option

You can make your quiz private and secure it with a password. Reveal it only to the people you want. You can also make it public and publish it on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you like. The choice is yours!


One of the best things about Quizonic is that it's free. We know it's hard to believe but we don't charge for anything in our service. Enjoy and tell others about it!


No matter what the quiz is about – it's always a pure fun taking it! Checking others' answers and scores is addictive.

Advanced notifications

Receive a notification each time a user completes your quiz, gets perfect score or leaves you an opinion on your quiz.

Statistics and charts

This is the part of our service we are most proud of. You'll be amazed what we do with all the data collected from participants' answers while viewing charts and comparisons we prepared for you.

Detailed insight

You'll be able to see how everybody answered, how many points he got and where he went wrong. That might give you a hint on how well other people know you and what they don't know!

Data aggregation

Quizonic offers various types of statistics and summaries that let you easily analyze the scores and spot the most difficult questions. Our tools let you also analyze data based on gender and time.

Quizonic - The Most Amazing Quiz Tool Ever


Create questions and make your friends or other users wonder a lot!


Send the link to your friends or publish it on Facebook and Twitter.


See and compare how your friends or other users answered. Have fun checking statistics!


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