New Year!

  • 2nd January 2015

Looking for a New Year resolution and still not sure what would be best for you? How about learning a new language or starting a new sport? Both options seem to be exciting and... why shouldn't you start both actually? ;)

Our quizzes will help you with that:

We wish you a happy New Year full of quizzes! :)

Psychological age Test

  • 18th November 2014

You probably know how many candles will be there on your birthday cake next year. But is that number accurate?

Your age stated in ID often doesn't reflect thy way you feel about yourself. Environment, things that happen around us, our friends and other factors often affect our mental age. It's best when your real age is similar to the age in your head – it's better not to behave as child all your life or be 30-year-old with elderly mind.

If you're thinking how it is in your case, take our Psychological age Test

And remember – you're never too old for fun and quizzes! :)
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Quiz for thought

  • 20th September 2014

Do you like personality quizzes? Well, who doesn't? ;) As the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting longer, we prepared something for all psychology fans – Personality quizzes by Quizonic.

Such quizzes are not only a great entertainment but they can also show you some things form a different perspective. They may tell you something interesting about you that you didn't know or realize. Discover yourself again and let others know about the quizzes.Comparing answers with your friends should be a lot of fun!

Choose the best for you!

  • 23rd August 2014

You probably know what you want your quiz to be about. But have you wondered how it should work from a a bit technical point of view? Quizonic has 3 types of quizzes and that should cover all your needs :)

  • One correct answer quiz, also called a Knowledge test – it is a quiz where questions have only one true answer and the rest is false. An example of such quiz would be "What is the capital of..." - so there is only one correct answer to this question.
  • Custom points quiz – in this type of quiz you'll assign points for each answer. This type would be good for quizzes where the result puts the user on the scale. An example of such quiz would be "How jealous are you?" - so the result can be from 0 to 100% of jealousy. You'd be able to describe the levels – 0 -20% means no jealousy, 21-50% moderate jealousy, etc.
  • Psychology type – in this quiz there is no concept of correct answers. An example of such quiz would be "What color are you?". Answers can be specified and described by you: green, red, blue, yellow, etc. In this quiz you need to know all possible answers before adding questions.

Knowing all this you should be able to choose the right type of quiz for your purpose. Remember to have fun while creating the quiz and make the best of all possibilities! :)

The wind of summer of changes

  • 15th July 2014

A couple of days ago Quizonic had entirely changed its design. Now our service is much more focused on quizzes created by our community. On the main site you can see neatly structured quizzes:

  • Recently added and recommended quizzes – majority of these quizzes are added by our great community. These quizzes are from all categories and are sorted chronologically.
  • Psychology tests – these are psychology type of quizzes. You will find some serious and funny among them :)
  • Popular quizzes (last 30 days) – it filters the most popular quizzes of last 30 days. Number of times the quiz has been solved indicates its popularity.
  • Categories – you can also browse by selecting category that interests you

We also have Waiting list of quizzes, which is a new feature. Hope you like all new changes. It should be now easier for you to find the quizzes you'll enjoy most. Have a lovely summer with quizzes! :)

Want to have fun and move your head a bit? Take our test!

  • 17th June 2014

"Difficult", "Fun", "Too easy", "I want more questions!"- these were your reactions to our most popular quiz this month. What is the quiz about? It's our IQ Test.

The IQ test has 20 questions. Some of them test your out of the box thinking, other logical thinking and imagination. The average time of completing the quiz is 15 minutes.
For each correct answer you get 10 points, so there is 200 in total to get.

Even if you think this test may be too hard for you, it's still healthy to use your brain :)

How to make your quiz go viral

  • 17th May2014

Creating a quiz is super easy but creating a quiz that will go easy too but requires a bit of effort ;)

  • Choose a topic that has a potential to go viral. It can for example refer to current events or something that just happened. It's good if the subject is a little controversial. People like things that are not indifferent to them.
  • Right image is the key. In the fast changing social media environment only an eye catching image can make people focus on the content. Stop them for 2 seconds and they are yours.
  • Don't just create cool quiz, share it everywhere you can! Your friends, family, relatives or coworkers are most likely to be the first ones to solve your quiz. If they like it, they will share it with their friends. And that is what you want to achieve!

Being an owner of a super popular quiz is exciting. It's kinda like being a celebrity! :)

5 tips to create a quiz people will love

  • 4th May 2014

Good quiz is like a good movie – it should start with an earthquake and then the tension should gradually rise. Although creating a quiz is not as difficult as making a movie, a good and entertaining quiz that your friends will love requires some effort.

  • Title is the key to grab attention. Give your quiz an intriguing name. 'Do you really know everything about Kate?' sounds much better than 'Quiz about Kate'.
  • Encouraging description matters. Tease with your users, make them want more. Eye-catching pictures would be also helpful.
  • First question should be super interesting, the second one even more. Don't let people get bored for a second.
  • Everything has its limits. Quiz shouldn't be too short or too long. It's better to leave people wanting more than to make them think 'when is the end??'
  • Variety is fun. Use pictures to demonstrate your questions. Show more, write less.

Remember, it's all about fun. Enjoy creating the quiz and make your users have fun solving it!

The complete beginner's guide to quizzes

  • 11th March 2014

Quizzes are fun from both perspectives -when you solve them and when you create them for other people. As you probably don't have much experience in creating quizzes, we'll be encouraging you to try this today.

To create a quiz, you need to create an account first. This is easy and requires only login and password. E-mail is optional to be able to recover password in case you forget it.

In the next step you'll be asked to tell the name of the quiz and select category. You can also choose if you want your quiz to be public or private. After that, it's time to add questions. On the question screen you can write introduction to the question, add image and write explanation that will be visible for the user after completing the quiz. When you add questions, you also need to select points for specific answers. You can have one correct answer or you can make a kind of quiz where there are answers with various scores (like it is in personality quiz) You can have as many questions and as many answers as you like.

After you finish adding questions, a link to your quiz is generated. Copy that link and share it with your friends. Visit your account at regularly as you'll have a great statistics of your quiz.You'll be able to see who solved the quiz, how the person answered and many other interesting data.

Having your own quiz is fun. Want to check that? Just create your quiz now!

We are starting!

  • 8th February 2014

Welcome to our website where you can create great online quizzes. This service is free so enjoy using it the way you want without any restrictions. Take a sample quiz if you want to see how it works from the user perspective. No matter how you use it – just enjoy! :)


  • 28th December 2013

We are almost ready! There are still some improvements that need to be done but we're on the right track. Our team works tirelessly to get it started. Well, we also have a lot of fun working together ;)


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